Saturday, January 3, 2009

America's Creamed


As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, there are two major things you revel in.

1. An Eagles win.
2. A Cowboys loss.

When you get an Eagles blowout over the Cowboys to propel them into the playoffs and knock them out of it?

Absolutely euphoric.

One week after the offense looked completely impotent against the Redskins better than average defense, they came out this week and completely lit up one of the most dominant defenses of the 2nd half of the football season.

Coming into the game, I considered it Andy Reid's last straw - if we couldn't win this after losing a must win game against the Redskins, it would absolutely give me no confidence that he was the coach to take the Eagles into 2009 and beyond.

Rather than fold like a deuce-seven off-suit, the Eagles came out as if their season was actually on the line and proceeded to beat the Dallas-area Junior Varsity Cowgirls flag football team by thirty-eight points.

Now after the most improbable of scenarios, the Eagles are playoff-bound...and based on the play we witnessed last week as well as the Giants in week 14, you've got to say we've got a chance against anyone.


...lastly, I leave you with this wonderful video of the Cowboys fans reactions.

- Magnum

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