Monday, January 12, 2009

The '08-'09 Eagles...They *Might* Be Giants


It's absolutely looking like our boys are taking a page out of the Giants storybook from last year and coming on strong at the end to take the league by surprise.

No one thought the Giants could win three road games in the playoffs and then go on to beat the invincible-looking 18-0 Patriots.

Well don't look now Eagles fans, but it looks like history might repeat itself - minus Tom Coughlin...who keeps looking more and more like that angry old guy who's always in McDonalds drinking senior discount coffee and reading the newspaper upside down.

Either that, or about to plot some evil plan to trap Dick Tracy.

Coughlin hard at work: "Myahh, see? We gotta stop that Westbrook, see?"

Some things to note about the Eagles as of late:

- The Eagles defense has allowed exactly four offensive touchdowns in the last six weeks, along with 12 takeaways. Defense wins championships, right?
- Minus the the somewhat questionable safety call on Sunday, McNabb and the offense has played great when backed up in their own territory, including converting a 3rd and 20 completion.
- Akers has been shaky for the past three regular seasons, but in the post-season he's now hit a record 18 straight. Thanks for that touchdown-saving push out of bounds too, David.
- While Westbrook is clearly not 100% right now, Andy Reid has shown impressive dedication to the run during the playoffs...23 attempts two weeks in a row, including early in the Giants game they had a ratio of 12/7. Showing teams they will keep running keeps the defense on its' heels.
- The play of the interior defensive line doesn't get a lot of respect, but you have to give it to them now after watching them break the Giants hearts in short yardage situations.
- Asante Samuel is showing to be worth all that money the Eagles gave him in the offseason, the interceptions and the returns he is getting from them are backbreakers in the postseason.

'80 and '08 for the Phillies...
'60 and '09 for the Eagles?

Let's hope.

Finally, let's play a little game of "caption that photo":

"Kurt? Yeah, the Giants say they miss you."
"Hello? Tampa Marriot? I'd like to make reservations for the first week in February."
"T.O!? No you can't come back!"
"Yeah, that's a size 13 ring. Those come in platinum, right?"
"Hey Leinart! What? Bring some Yuengling to Arizona with me?"
"Hey Delhomme, see you next week! ...wait, what? You LOST?"

See you this Sunday at three!

- Magnum

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