Monday, September 29, 2008

Reid 'em and weep.

Yesterday's loss made me feel sick to my stomach.

It also could've been those wings that have been in my refrigerator since the Cowboys game...and the blue cheese.

What? It's not supposed to be blue? It's bleu? Oops.

Anyway - while the team absolutely played down the Bears...who in actuality aren't a "bad" team, I place the blame for this loss squarely on Andy Reid's shoulders.

Two plays stand out that he should've challenged:

1. The first Bears touchdown - Greg Olsen did not get his 2nd foot down in the end zone.

2. The 4th-and-one at the end of the game - I paused my DVR showing the overhead cam view:

Sure looks like he broke the plane to me...where were the challenge flags?!? Did he use them for napkins during a halftime snack and forget to bring them out of the lunchroom locker room? So while Andy is the #1 culprit - let's look at some of the other LVP's for the game.

- David Akers is dead to me. If he had hit either one of those field goals, we wouldn't have had to go for the touchdown at the end.

- DeSean Jackson had another good game - but that muffed punt led to seven for the Bears. CATCH THE BALL FIRST DJ. He also needs to remember the rule I thought all returners knew - if the ball is beyond the 10 yard line, let it bounce...if it's past - either field it or fair catch it.

- The offensive line allowed way too much pressure on third downs. Shawn Andrews, come back soon.


A few highlights / other things I noted during the game:

- I'm going to start keeping note on how long it takes for Madden to talk about or show food during games. This game he started talking about food with three minutes left in the first quarter, and was showing food around 1:15.

...He needs a cooking show. Food network, get on it.

- The linebackers looked good again...I think I overheard that they're all 24. That's a pretty nice luxury, having three young quality linebackers. Gone are the days of Nate Wayne, Mark Simoneau, and Levon Kirkland.

- Hey refs, nice work on that Devin Hester touchdown. I haven't seen such an obvious non-call of offensive pass interference since Michael Irvin was playing.

- When and why did Juqua Thomas change his name to Juqua Parker? That throws me off more than calling "Tre" Thomas William.

- Hey, Reggie Brown is back! Looked okay...hopefully he'll continue to improve.

- With a healthy Westbrook playing, we blow them out. No doubt in my mind.

The best thing about this loss? It happened on a weekend where the Phillies clinched, the Mets choked, and the Cowboys played horribly.

That's a nice bit of aspirin for a hurting fan, I'd say.

Be good Philly, I'll see you on Wednesday.


- Magnum

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Phillies Win Second Straight NL East Crown

After a 161 games, and 1 double play for the ages, the Phils are once again beasts of the East. The fact that they clinched last night should help them immeasurably in the playoffs. Cole Hamels, their ace, now gets the day off today, and will make the game 1 start on extra rest (considering he's the anti-Sabathia, this is a very good thing).

If there was a more exciting way to end it, I certainly can't think of one. Brad Lidge, he of the 43 consecutive saves (now 44) dating back to last year, was less than sharp. He allowed a run, and the bases were loaded with only one out last night. I know what you were thinking at that time (Great, he picks now for the first blown save of the year?), because I was thinking the same thing. But a ground ball up the middle was fielded brilliantly by a diving Jimmy Rollins, flipped to Chase Utley, and fired like a laser over to Ryan Howard for the pennant-clinching double play. And the rest, as they say, is champagne-soaked history.

So as we turn our thoughts to possible matchups (and we definitely want the Brewers rather that the well-rested Dodgers), I can't help but thinking that the Phillies are so much more prepared for this moment than they were last year. Last year, just winning the division was our whole goal. It took so much effort to complete the historic comback against the Mets, we simply didn't have anything left for the Rockies. Last year was unquestionably a succesful one, even so. Getting swept out of the first round simply won't do this year, however. As I watched the Fightin Phils celebrating, I couldn't shake the thought that they knew quite well that what they truly wanted still lay ahead of them. That winning the division was nice, but they hadn't truly accomplished anything all that special yet. That's exactly what I was hoping for, because that's a team who isn't happy to simply just be in the playoffs, that's a team who wants to win. And I'll drink to that.

- Murdock

Thursday, September 25, 2008



For a moment there I thought our defense forgot how to rush the passer, and Jim Johnson had a senior moment and forgot what a blitz was.

After having zero sacks against the Cowboys in week 2, we come out and have NINE against one of the toughest quarterbacks in the league to bring down.

Honestly, if that was someone other than Big Ben - we might have had double-digit sacks, easily.

Good thing the NFL forces players to wear helmets, since we know Ben doesn't like to wear 'em...without one, he would've had serious brain damage.

Just as impressive was the defense against the run - Usually Willie Parker hits holes faster than Kirstie Alley hits a buffet line, but the defensive line and linebackers were all over him before he got a chance to ever kick into second gear.

The offense looked a bit inconsistent at times...and for a moment there the season looked precariously on the brink with injuries to Westbrook and McNabb.

Looks like they're both going to be okay at this point - hopefully both ready for the game in Chicago Sunday night.

McNabb spread the ball around very well again - and how many people do you think picked up Hank Baskett in their fantasy league this week?

It's only right - his name is BASKETT. It'd be a travesty to ruin such a good wide reciever name.

The only other NFL name that's quite as fit would be La'Roi Glover...except he plays defensive tackle.

Chris Berman doesn't even need to try.

Play of the game? Right here.

...apparently the reports of Brian Dawkins' demise were greatly exaggerated.

This week, duh Bares.

Go Eagles.

...and Redskins.

- Magnum

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Now THAT's how you start a football season

Well Eagles fans, I have to say - while I had high expectations for week 1, they certainly didn't include delusions of a blowout, 1-catch-by-Holt, 40-yards-by-Stephen-Jackson, THREE-ONE-HUNDRED-YARD-RECEIVERS performance.

Hang on. I need a minute to digest this.

Alright, so I know the Rams are bad...but the Eagles are also notoriously slow starters under Andy Reid, save for 2004*coughsuperbowlyearIdidn'twannasayitcough*.

Let's look a bit closer at these head-scratching game anecdotes:
- It's the first time there has been three one-hundred-yard recievers  since 2000 when the Chiefs did it, and the first time the Eagles have done it since 1960. (In case you were wondering who did it, it was Timmy Brown, Tommy McDonald and Pete Retzlaff)
- McNabb looked as accurate as I've seen him - and save for that play he could have probably run it in, he made smart decisions. As per Sunday, he is now the all time leader in fewest interceptions / per pass attempt.
- Again, two of the most dynamic offensive players in the league were completely shut down.

Thank goodness for special teams. Remember opening day last year, or have you had psychotherapy attempting to forget it?

I bet even Andy Reid was happy to throw Reno Mahe's number in the trash. 

"On alternate weekends I cater weddings!"

Seriously though Reno, I hope life is treating you well at The Cheesecake Factory. I heard some guy once made $100 in tips on a Friday night. 

Next up - The Dal-lass Cowgirls.

Bring 'em on.

- Magnum

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I smell football...

Fellow sports fans, rejoice...for FOOTBALL SEASON IS UPON us.

As an Eagles fan, I'm pumped about this season, much more than last year.

On paper, better linebackers, arguably the best secondary in football, and better special a healthier Donovan which makes a ginormous difference.

DeSean Jackson is already looking like a fantastic draft pick. Even in preseason I can't remember an Eagles wideout (besides Owens, duh) looking this good.

What else am I looking forward to seeing besides the Birds back in the playoffs?

1. Brett Favre inducing the Madden Curse upon himself.


You just couldn't fade off into the sunset, eh Brett? You were finally gonna be the one to break the Madden Curse by actually just sitting on the couch and watching football. But noooo...Now you're just going to end up like Namath and all those other legendary QB's who played lackluster final seasons with mediocre teams.

2. Calvin Johnson begin to take the mantle of held by Randy Moss as the best wideout in the game. To me, wide receiver is hands down the most exciting position in football - there's nothing like watching a player take over from that position.

The guy's got all the tools: Speed, size, athleticism, and seemingly a good head on his shoulders.

...Shame he plays for the Lions.

3. Jason Taylor actually doing a pirouette during a game, followed by William(Oh just call him Tre) Thomas hitting him with a crushing block and ending his career.

I can't think of anything more punch-worthy than how he looks here.

I thought I read somewhere that Warren Sapp is going to be on Dancing With the Stars next season.


I can't think of anything I'd want to watch LESS.

Honestly, I'd rather watch a music video with Shaq rapping.

4. The NFC (b)East being hands down the most exciting conference in the league.

How great is it to be in this monster of a division. What if you had to watch the Rams, Cardinals, Seahawks and 49'ers 8 games out of the year?


Westbrook: "Demarcus? Where?"

5. Adrian Peterson - up or down year?

The kid ran roughshod over NFL defenses last year, but he won't be a surprise to anyone anymore - Defensive coordinators have now had an entire offseason to prep for the wunderkind.

...and while I don't believe adult men should ever wear purple in a uniform, The Vikings(aka Eagles-lite) could be fun to watch.

6. The Eagles beating the Cowboys 38-0 in the NFC Championship game to advance to the Super Bowl.

Okay okay okay...

We probably won't shut them out.

...a guy can dream, can't he?

See you guys on the couch's football time.

- Magnum