Thursday, October 2, 2008

A nice changeup

Feels good, doesn't it Philly?

Our first Phillies playoff win in 15 years.  FIFTEEN YEARS.

Do you realize how long that's been?

Let me put it in perspective:

You were still using Windows 3.1, playing Super Nintendo, and listening to "Whoomp! There it is!"

Cole Hamels was ten years old.

October 1, 2008 -
Cole Hamels makes the Brewers look like Little Leaguers

If you were lucky enough to watch the game(thanks for the 3:00pm start, TBS), you got to see King Cole pitch a very, very pretty game.

Seriously. I'm talking USC Cheerleader pretty.
Jessica Alba in your doorway wearing daisy dukes, carrying a pizza and a six pack - pretty.

By the numbers:

8 Innings, 9 strikeouts, 1 walk, 2 hits, 101 pitches, and 16 of 24 first-pitch strikes.

That's what you call an "Ace."

The other cornerstone of the franchise, (Mr. Utley) had the game-winning RBIs in the bottom of the third - doubling to deep center after Hamels laid down a perfect bunt and reached on an error. 

Of course, the Phillies didn't make it easy for us. 

Uncle Charlie sent Brad Lidge in to close the ninth, and after striking out Mike Cameron looking, he proceeds to give up a double and a single that Durham eventually scored on thanks to Chase slipping in the wet grass.

Uh oh. Here comes Prince Fielder, the poster boy for how vegetarians should NOT look is up to bat.

After about fifteen pitches, Lidge finally gets him swinging on an outside slider that probably would've been ball four. 

...and then a walk.

Philadelphia collectively held their the winning run is at the plate. 

...and then, a wild pitch.

Now the tying run is on second base, a solid base hit can knot it up.

But just as he has all year, he buckled down and got Corey Hart swinging.

Philadelphia exhaled.

...and hopefully exhumed its playoff demons simultaneously.

Tonight, we get a bigger test - Crazy Control Sabathia.

What? You expected me to look up what C.C stands for?

- Magnum

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